Windows Installation

The Windows installation is very easy. Just download the zip compressed folder and unzip it at the destination of your choice. After that change into that directory and doubleclick on the cbc_analyzer.exe file.

Mac OS Installation

Download the CBCAnalyzer.dmg file and drag the application to your application folder. Furthermore you can drag the data folder to your documents folder.

Linux Installation (CBCAnalyzer 1.0.3 beta only!)

Istalled software required: Type the following commands into a shell:
linux@box$ tar -xzf cbcanalyzer-1.0.3-beta.tar.gz
linux@box$ cd cbcanalyzer-1.0.3-beta.tar.gz
linux@box$ mkdir build
linux@box$ cd build
linux@box$ cmake ..
linux@box$ make
After successfull building the executable resides in