+++ Bug in cbcDetect, please use 4SALE instead +++

CBCAnalyzer 1.1 Beta (Qt-Version)

24. Feb 2009

  • Added distance matrices for 'halfCBCs' and 'CBCs + halfCBCs'
  • Graphical user interface ported to Qt
  • CBCAnalyzer now runs on Mac OS X
  • The RNAForester format is no longer supported
  • CBC Detect now also accepts alignments in extended fasta format
Linux cbcanalyzer-1.1-beta-x32.tar.gz (32 bit binary)
Linux cbcanalyzer-1.1-beta-x64.tar.gz (64 bit binary)
Linux cbcanalyzer-1.1-beta.tar.gz (source)
Windows cbcanalyzer-1.1-beta.zip
Mac OS X CBCAnalyzer.dmg

CBCAnalyzer 1.0.3 (wxWidgets-Version)

20. Oct 2005

Linux cbcanalyzer-1.0.3.tar.gz
Windows cbcanalyzer-1.0.3.zip